Son of a Rainbow

Two weeks ago I was given the gift of a conversation with my dear friend Amelia, who produces an incredible podcast about people and stories. She offered me an opportunity to talk about my mom, my writing, and last year’s horrible and heartbreaking events.

It was both agonizing and healing to be able to tell the story of my experience.

Ever since I can remember I’ve always been fascinated by travel, getting to meet people along the way and learning their stories. For me, these people are like gems that I get to collect each time I’m on a new adventure. In 2015, I spent the year on a series of whirlwind trips, and one of the gems that crossed my path that year was the fantastical Josh Wagner.

As a novelist and playwright, Josh is no stranger to the power of a story, how it can be used for entertainment, to document, to heal, and even for survival. Without it, our world would be so boring and definitely less magical. In his interview, Josh reminds us that life is unpredictable and sometimes inconceivable… yet, if we can hold on and trust the story, we might find the ending to be more extraordinary than we could have ever imagined. ✨

Thank you, Josh, and especially to your mama, who totally had a hand in choosing the title for this episode. 🌈 ☺️”

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