Fiction Clemens

Caught in a recurring struggle between love and hate, Fiction Clemens finds himself in the middle of an alien conspiracy to drag his old west world kicking and screaming into the Space Age.

Cover art by Joiton

[Fiction Clemens] is something fresh, hilarious and entertaining,
exactly the kind of quirky project the non-major comic publishers

should be offering us, and the kind of story
that makes reading comics worthwhile.

Fiction Clemens first appeared in Josh’s debut novel, but gets his own origin story in this compiled trilogy drawn by Argentine illustrator, Joiton.

A futuristic western meets Alice in Wonderland or perhaps OZ,
and that really doesn’t do the overall insanity of the book justice…
There’s nothing quite like Fiction Clemens on the market.

There’s so much joy, such love of life and energy in this book,
it positively made my heart dance.
—Comics Bulletin 

The comedy is laugh out loud and the characters fascinating.
The story itself kicks off with a bang and hardly ever relents.
—Broken Frontier