The Parts He Missed, Fish Anthology (2023) – Available on Kindle

‘Such a bizarre, brave and interesting read! I loved the weird concept of this story, its playfulness with uncanny and genre forms, which is offset with ordinary humanity – a fantastic way to use the main strengths (the operating keys) of the short story form.’
Contest Judge Sarah Hall

**A few short fiction stories published online over the years**

Evening Clay, Fractured Literary Journal (2021)

Flower Mill, Tiny Seed Literary Journal (2021)

No Repeat Customers, Cleaver Magazine (2017)

I Need to Take this Thing that I Love and Get Rid of it Immediately, Asymmetrical Press (2014)

Allure, Lovecraft eZine (2011)

Eel String, st., The Nervous Breakdown (2011)

Overexposed (Audio), SNM Horror Magazine (2011)

Salt of the Earth, Cafe Irreal (2003)