The Changing Things

The Changing Things is a work in progress, a “parallel” of books in multiple genres that co-exist in the same fictional world. They do not read as a series, but the works are richly still entangled.

I’ve been working on this project for several years now and have a Patreon page to support its development. You’ll find the list of my generous patrons, past and present, below.

A quick glance at what’s in the oven:

  1. Shadow of a Fox’s Tail – DONE
  2. TCT YA/children’s novel – WIP, slow going!
  3. TCT Main Characters Novella – WIP, going strong, current focus and part of my PhD project
  4. TCT Whole world Novel – developing gradually around the edges
  5. Grieving with Monsters – WIP, memoir/theoretical, part of my PhD project

I don’t update nearly as much as I should, but you can follow The Changing Things on Facebook and Instagram.


Skyla McCord
John Brownell
Dave Baxter
Jonas Gebhardt
Kristi Tucker
Graham Kerr
Cory Fay
Ryan Nicodemus
Debra Duffin
Justin Merth

And Past Patrons:

Molly Laich
LuAnn Billett
Jane Ryder
Sarah Meismer
Joel Vogt
Debby Florence
Mike Giovani
Jason Meier
Derek Laine