Summer 2019: the Horizon

Just finished final classes for my Masters here at the University of Edinburgh. With all the free time coming up I should be relaxing, but I have zero restraint for projects and will be focusing on production for a lot of exciting stuff this summer.

As The Changing Things continues to materialize, I’m spending my off-hours revisiting a few old projects, and I will be launching new media for several of them:

  1. The Adventures of the Imagination of Periphery Stowe: 2019 is the 20-year anniversary of my first novel’s first draft. I’ll be rereleasing the book with a new cover and launching a Kickstarter to fund a Graphic Novel version and an RPG. Updates on this very soon.
  2. Deadwind Sea: Novel #2 is also getting a facelift, along with some foundational revisions. It’s too much to delve into now, but it’s going to be interesting.
  3. Smashing Laptops: My third novel also has a new cover. This will be unveiled along with the release of the audiobook… hopefully toward the end of the year.
  4. Mystery Mark: A new Midlife Dragon related release is in the works. More on this by mid-summer.

Thanks for checking in! It’s been a year on the grindstone, but there will be treasures to show for it soon.

Meanwhile, I recently visited Fairy Glen in the Isle of Skye. Here’s the proof…

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